Bringing the right change

A democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people. It has to be protected by protecting the rights of the people and making sure their voices are heard. We are an organization about electoral and political reform in order to make society fairer. We strongly believe in keeping the democratic intact and work with political parties, civil society and campaigners to ensure that the public opinion is heard and acted upon.

The simple principle that a democracy function is on the fact that there is always scope for improvement in the present politics. Our organization works to ensure that it is continuously acted upon. We strive to be the loudest voice in a democratic system. Our dedicated staff works with different social groups and parties and academia from all around the country to understand the need of the general public. We then campaign for the appropriate change.

The democracy like time needs to change. Thus, we have to ensure that democracy works as is required in the 21st century. We believe that every voice needs to be heard, each individual should have equal rights and every citizen is allowed to seek participation in the system. We develop a strong case to bring the change, we try and push the democratic policies in the public forum and we create an environment of an active participation where anyone could come and put forward their point of view.

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How can a change be brought?

We do believe in fostering an accepting environment and an open-minded approach. However, there are certain protocols that need to be followed when enforcing a change through the judiciary system as it demands a comprehensive study of the case, analyze key points and then built a strong argument against it or for it (depending on the need) before presenting it before the highest authority.

Thus, to make sure such reforms can be brought in smoothly we have a defined work ethic that we follow. There is a significant amount of interaction with social activists and politicians to include such reforms in their manifestos which will ensure a good public support. They are made to realize what their citizens want from the next governing party and thus, they will be able to gather votes by ensuring such reforms as their agendas of the party.

There is also a need to understand the constitution better and therefore, the academia is involved to understand how a constitution functions. This helps in fathoming the key intricate details of what needs to be done to ensure a reform takes place and citizens could be aware of their rights in the simplest of language.

All in all, if you feel that you have not been provided with the treatment that you deserve or your basic rights are taken away or if you feel the need to bring about a change in the existing voting systems that you feel has issues, we are the right place for you. We will help you, we will guide you and most importantly, we will become your voice.

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How to Reform Democratic Elections to Be Fair

It is said that a democratic country is the one where the citizens enjoy complete rights to make and break their government. However, no single country can ever experience complete freedom and fairness unless they have the right to vote for whom they wish. Not just during the elections, but at several times, the malpractices that surround us, defeat the very essence of fairness and peace in the country. It’s not just the politicians and the rulers who are at fault, but several citizens to need to change their mindsets for the same. Definitely, no single country can experience full fairness without making the use of their powers positively.

Basic improvement activities can’t prevail without a genuine and justly chose government that is responsive and responsible to its natives. Elections give an essential chance to propel democratization and energize political progression.

  • For any election to be free and reasonable, certain common freedoms, for example, the flexibilities of discourse, affiliation and get together, are required.
  • Elections can be an essential apparatus to encourage political openings and extend political interest.
  • Discretionary procedures offer political gatherings and city bunches a chance to assemble and sort out supporters and offer elective stages with people in general.
  • Decisions likewise serve to energize political discussion and open public talks.

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What does the term “fair” mean?

Decisions are a focal element of majority rule government. For decisions to express the desire of the electorate, they should be ‘free and reasonable’.

‘Free’ implies that each one of those qualified for the vote has the privilege to be enlisted and to vote and should be allowed to settle on their decision. In South Africa, each resident beyond 18 years old is qualified for the vote. A decision is viewed as ‘free’ when you can choose whether or not to vote and vote uninhibitedly for your preferred competitor or gathering without dread or terrorizing. A ‘free’ race is additionally one where you are certain that who you vote in favor of remains your mystery.

‘Reasonable’ implies that all enlisted political gatherings have an equivalent ideal to challenge the decisions, the battle for voter support and hold gatherings and energizes. This gives them a reasonable opportunity to persuade voters to vote in favor of them. A reasonable decision is likewise one in which all voters have an equivalent chance to enroll, where all votes are checked, and where the reported outcomes mirror the real vote aggregates.

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How can the technology play a key role in making the elections reform fairer?

To exercise their rights and make use of the powers, the people or the citizens have to be extremely aware and informed. The existence of technology has been since a long time, however, its usage has gradually enhanced with the coming up of the internet. People who are now using such tools are extremely awake and take their stand on what’s right and what’s wrong. Thus, with the help of technology, we cannot just inform and make our population educated, but we can eventually turn around the whole regulatory system and complete framework.

To be a credible government takes more than free elections. Yet, no majority rule government can flourish without them. In a few spots votes are crimes, with officeholders clearing the board; in others, free elections are settled in. It is put in the middle of where multiparty elections are generally new, the outcome is indeterminate and the occupants’ readiness to acknowledge crush can’t be assumed—where there is most to play for.

Free and reasonable decisions assume a basic job in political changes by propelling democratization and empowering political progression – advancing tranquil, law-based political change that promptly expanded steadiness and thriving.


Why Countries And Societies Should Be Open And Free

What does being open even mean? Is it something to talk about? It sure is. Open-mindedness is what is needed in every human being who is living in this world. It is about being tolerant and understanding of what’s happening. It’s the art of accepting in simple words. Giving the freedom to do what an individual wants to do morally. Being honest and encouraging is all you can do to your neighbor. An act of kindness, Can’t you? Bind a child and he’d wait to flee. Leave him to his will by correcting him, he’d stay and follow the right way. It is simple yet complicated. How does being the open affect the society? Well, it is said that the children of today are the citizens of tomorrow right? If you aren’t open enough to encourage your children and give them the liberty to pursue their dreams, how can you then expect the society to flourish? Never. It’s all about minding your own business and not poking into others’ matters. That could save a lot and energy which could be used for something better. Why do you think there’s more growth in the countries where there’s openness?

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Liberty And Open-Mindedness Are What Makes A Society Worth Living

Focus – Focus on what’s important – The Productivity. Be innovative, be you. Innovation could be discovering a different solution to a problem in all forms of society. The energizing factor for innovation is open-mindedness. The manifestation of open-mindedness is experimentation.

  • Through these trials and tests, nations can discover new means to deal with health care issues, unemployment, labor market incompetency, ecological hazards and more. It’s the mindset of the people that can either build up the society or pull it down.
  • Urban areas can figure out mobility, financial and social challenges through broad thinking and experimentation of freedom.
  • The liberty gives a new approach to business and can make it more distinct, comprehensive and mature. The administrations can surface out with innovative techniques of establishing firms, modern products, and pristine trade.
  • The open-mindedness gives the spirit of competition which helps to compete with the challenges of other teams and emerge out victorious.
  • It gives people the ways to modify their work, life and to make it simple and customized. This spirit of open-mindedness throws away the typical thoughts and traditions and gives them a new life that is employed, happy and healthy.
  • It gives you the willingness to accept the ideology and the doing which results in anything. It broadens your way of thinking, making you wonder and instills the curiosity in you.


Motivation video by one of the greatest motivational speakers:

Open-mindedness leads to modernism, dexterity, development to production and to employment. Being rich in mind makes you rich by heart. You don’t need the currencies if you have the openness in you then you are already successful. It is the measure of the forthcoming triumph of any unit. It’s all progress with it, whereas the dogmas lead you nowhere. There are few who are fastened to the system of beliefs and who wouldn’t change for the world. They are the virus in the society. They should be taught and made aware of what’s not right and what is. The broad thinking and the liberty to do is what is needed in the society today. Life with an open mind is the zeal to learn and the compliance to be wrong. It is about accepting it as it is. But the close-minded people never agree they are wrong, they disagree- they’d rather perish than be wrong. It is the negativity around. Embrace the liberty and the openness by living the life to its fullest!

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